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not because of government. companies were carved by bacteria simply to protect their brand. competition, device the pipes are reputation, it protects us much better than government over well. that is our show. i am john stossel, thank you for watching. [app >> gregg: financial future of the country may hang in the balance as the nation gets closer to a fiscal cliff. democrats and republicans have one month to come up with a plan to stop the across the board tax hikes and the major federal spending cuts from taking effect. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. some of the early optimism for a
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deal seems to be fading. steve is live in washington with more. >> reporter: one month away from that so-called fiscal cliff. there appears to be very little movement toward any kind of deal. president obama is using the bully-pulpit to appeal to the american people to push for immediate action to push the tax cuts for everybody except for those earning more than $250,000 a year. in his saturday address, he stressed the urgency of the situation. >> if congress does nothing, every family will see their income taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next year. a typical middle-class family of four will see income taxes rise by $2200. we can't let that happen. a families can't afford it and neither can our economy. >> reporter: republicans led by house speaker john boehner says he should quit campaigning and take care of the business at
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hand. republicans say they are willing to consider raising more revenue but they want to see spending cuts to go along with it. >> we need to hear they are willing to make spending cuts now, not promises of spending cuts sometime if the future. to me the tidal waves that are coming at us is social security and medicare and the new health care law. >> reporter: now house democratic leader nancy pelosi is calling the speakers to bring the tax to the floor by tuesday or she will try to force a vote. boehner is not likely to buckle under pressure so it seems like a standoff. >> gregg: sfuaf. what a surprise? they want to resolve this fiscal crisis or lack in his real compromise. john boehner is leading an attack on the lack of progress.
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>> there is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. it was not a serious proposal. so right now we're almost nowhere. >> gregg: almost nowhere. how about that? staff writer for roll call joins us live. the president promised a balanced plan, a balanced approach. he must have said eight thousand times. then he finally puts out his offer, it's a plan that doubled the tax hikes that he campaigned on and it adds about $150 billion more, not less to the deficit in and new spending. to republicans with that kind of equivalent of lucy and the football and they are laying flat on their backs? >> republicans scoffed at this first foray from the white house. they thought was ridiculous. for the white house it was the first attempt, first specific plan we've seen since the election being put out there.
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it was frankly a wish list. john boehner acknowledges as much in his comments was that the white house would like to see. if we do get a deal before christmas it won't look anything like this. >> gregg: instead of meeting with members of congress, even day after day and tens of thousands of dollars the president doesn't do that. the president heads back on the campaign trail gives speeches about it. how frustrating is this to some of the folks on capitol hill who do want to sit down and work with him? >> i think it's frustrating to some members of congress, perhaps members of his own party more than anything. if you look at his record he doesn't do that traditionally. he is not the guy inviting everybody up for beers and nuts in the oval office. it's an envoy like timothy
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geithner that have been on the negotiations. he has sent the vice president, as well. it hasn't been the president's style. >> gregg: geithner has absolutely no experience on legislation. so you send him up there? >> yeah, you do send him up there. there was a profile as a lead negotiator in the "washington post" this week. the reason that geithner is taking the lead he is kind a little neutral in some ways. he knows fiscal issues quite well. beyond that house republicans seemed more willing to talk to him than other members of the administration. >> mitch mcconnell is offering a plan now to cut the biggest driver of the debt, entitlements and he saying, higher medicare premiums and increasing eligibility age and slowing the cost of living in seorj security. in exchange we republicans will agree to more tax revenue from high income earns earners. are there democrats who would
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support that? >> there are some democrats who would be willing to look at entitlement reform. the white house has mentioned entitlement cuts in some of the plans they put forward. the problem is united states senate and harry reid who has been unequivocal that he does not want to touch social security. that could be a sticking point if there is some deal that the joan boehner and president negotiated to get through that chamber and back to the president's desk. >> gregg: the president had promised that the deal he would put forward would have spending cuts. he talked about that ad nauseam but his proposal comes out, no spending cuts, he is offering some vague savings, not cuts, to be found somehow in the future in medicare but there is no time frame or and no idea put forth on how to do it. is that being greeted with
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suspicion if not disbelief? >> the entire presentation that the white house put forth this week was greeted with laughing and republicans scoffed at it. it was the entire package. you mentioned the $400 billion and a vague medicare cuts down the pike. i think what the president might have been trying to do is force republican hands to naming their own cuts what they would like to see cut. it's a political sticking point. many voters don't want to see certain programs cut. that is more challenging thing to figure out what you are going to cut. you want to put it in the hands of congressional republicans. >> shira, good to see you. thanks very much. >> gregg: be sure to tune in tomorrow to fox news sunday for the latest on the talks, tim geithner will be sitting down with chris wallace to explain the tax plan and chris will have an exclusive interview with john boehner.
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>> heather: new details on a murder-suicide in kansas city reportedly involving a football player for the kansas city chiefs. police say that 25-year-old ja vochb bel cher shot his girlfriend and drove to the stadium and shot himself in front of the general manager. elizabeth pran is live with more on the disturbing story. >> after four successful years with the kansas city kheefgs, police say 25-year-old that he shot and killed himself before the coach and general manager right outside in front of a training facility. this shortly after police say he shot his girlfriend multiple times at a home only five miles from the stadium. police have not released the identity of bel cher's girlfriend nor have they confirmed that the woman's
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mother and toddler were at the home at the time of the shooting. second shooting caused the whole facility go on lockdown and the community is digesting what happened. >> we're talking about kids that are 25 years old playing in circumstances that most of us would never dream of and living lives in fish bowls. sometimes it becomes unbearable, there are a lot of people that are hurting am young baby without parents. >> and bel cher has no reported history of any controversies whether with the family or the team. the team released a statement and in part it reads, the entire chiefs' family is saddened and our hearts are heavy with sympathy and thoughts and prayers for the family and friends affected by this unspeakable tragedy. the home line against the panthers is schedule for
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tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.. >> heather: thank you, elizabeth. >> gregg: the west coast getting hit with pretty wild weather. pair of storms causing power outages and flight delays across parts of northern california. it's not over yet. people there are bracing for another severe storm. dominic is live in petaluma, california. >> national weather center putting out a warning for the napa river saying it's expected to stretches through st. helena and city of napa as possible flooding up to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are expecting a major deluge. this will be the third in four days. dumping possibly the most rain we've seen all week. we're expected to see flood levels rise above the 16 foot level in those two spots. we have seen that it down in
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sausalito. residents seeing trees fall on top of the cars and that is because the ground is so saturated from the two previous storms. >> i heard a sound like thunder and flash of light which must have been a transformer. tree landed within a few yards of our bedroom. it was pretty scary. >> scary and treacherous. pg&e announcing one of the employees was killed when a truck collided with a traffic signal. they say the rain was intense at the time of that specific accident. we're also hearing that in novato they could be declaring a state of emergency. heavy rains in the reno area add on top of that. we understand that at some point about 5:00 p.m. we'll get a sense of just how bad the
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mudslides may get. we have two reports of those already. as water accumulates of four days of rain we will see major flooding after that and that will be the biggest challenge of all. >> gregg: beautiful sausalito, not so beautiful at the moment. thanks a lot. >> heather: new controversy over the terror detainees at guantanamo will bay. could they be coming to a prisoner near you. >> gregg: days of rage in egypt, massive protests in tahrir square venting anger over president mohammed morsi. >> and hurricane sandy left many people homeless. new reaction from victims furious at relief response and president obama. >> president obama, he said he was going to cut through the red tape. he lied. he says, what do you mean?
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i said you lied.
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that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>. >> heather: two people have died after a bus crash in florida. the doubling decker was carrying 32 members of a church group
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when it slammed in an overpass. >> people in wyoming say the man involved in a deadly attacks yesterday used a bow and arrow in one of killings. authorities say this christopher krum first stabbed a woman on friday and then went to the college where his father was teaching and shot him with a bow and arrow. he later stabbed and killed himself. >> more than hundred people are waiting to return to home after a train derailment after toxic gas was found leaking in the neighborhood. >> gregg: anger appears to be boiling over at super storm sandy victims talk about the slow pace of recovery at a townhall meeting. crowd included two people who brought their problems directly to president obama.
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they described that meeting on fox and friends. >> i met president obama the government owned land. it was kind of staged. they put us into a tent and they want to make believe we were shopping for our products. most of the residents that live in that area were never up there. so he landed and made you go on line and i got to talk to him. i said to him, president obama, you said you were going to cut the red tape. you lied. he said what do you mean? he said you lied. you said you were going to cut the red tape. what are you giving us the royal finger. >> gregg: we'll have more on that interview and president responded. anna is live at staten island,
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new york. >> hello. together living with the challenges is find as way to help kids just be kids even though their lives have been turned upside-down. they are just wrapping up carnival day and they are calling it camp sandy. a bus driver picked up 30 kids from a shelter here and brought them to gate way academy. they share their stories and sing along and zumba and yoga to burn off energy. they can take non-perishables. it's a traveling camp that serves about 500 kids in the last two years. this camp in particular is tough. >> when we leave it's definitely hard because we are going back to our tv and our couch. this is a production like physically and emotionally. this is one of the hardest camps i've ever done. to be able to maneuver through a
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disaster and all the organizations on site. it's definitely a challenge. they we hope we can do this every weekend while here. >> although fema has 36 disaster recovery centers set up, many parents are frustrated with the federal government and express concerns to politicians at a new york townhall meeting. >> we go from one to another. we go to fema to homeowners insurance, they offered me $150. what can we do with that? i need to rebuild. >> when you go home and get to celebrate in a nice warm house, i have no electric, i have no heat. i don't even have sewage in the house. but the city comes and does an inspection, it's okay to live in. a joke. you wonder why people are mad. we are the people, the middle-class and we're getting the finger. you were there when i met obama. i told the president you were going to cut the red tape.
1:21 pm
i told him, the middle-class are getting the royal finger. he says fema works for me. fema isn't doing anything. they are going in a circle saying denied. >> evacuees are thankful to have a please to spleem but it's nice for kids to have space run around. they to be setting up camp as far as victims are setting up shelters. if you would like to donate, go to that website. back to you. >> gregg: anna, thank you. >> heather: coming up, lawmakers they have just one month left to avoid the fiscal cliff. our guest says it's more like a fiscal nuclear bo78. >> gregg: big developments in syria where the internet blackout appears to be ending.
1:22 pm
where the fighting is flaring up now. >> heather: senate taking action to prevent the terror suspects at guantanamo bay from being held on u.s. soil. what would happen if gitmo closes? >> the people who attacked us at 9/11 in that prison want to destroy our way of life. they don't want to steal your car. they don't want to break in your how long. the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team.
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>> gregg: new turmoil rocking egypt. protestors coming to tahrir square over a controversy in the new draft constitution. tension is spreading all across egypt. violence spilling in the streets as supporters of morsi confront
1:27 pm
his opponents. >> we're seeing competing demonstrations, opponents of president morsi behind me but much larger demonstration from the muslim brotherhood about two miles away and cities across egypt. they have come out in support of president morsi. many coming from rural parts of egypt. some getting bussed in and chanting god is the law. a strong show of support that has been in office for five months time. we have a new date on the draft constitution. he will send it on the 15th and the entire nation will volt up or down. morsi said when it is ratified the extreme powers will be null and voted but that will not be enough for the demonstrators behind me. many want to bring morsi down but the question is will power. the numbers are down. will they be coming out night
1:28 pm
after night to protest in the square. >> gregg: you note that the will power seems to be down among the opponents of morsi, are the ones who are remaining there insisting that they are simply going to stay no matter what? >> they are including some prominent opposition members who claim they will sleep in the square until this president is driven from power. we saw a high of 200,000 people in the square. peak today one tenth of that so we have seen a decline in numbers out here. >> gregg: steve streaming live from egypt, steve, thank you. >> heather: we're getting word that internet service is being restored in syria. with fears of burst of attacks. fighting is intensifying near the capital. rebels claim they control part of the damascus airport and there are reports that they stopped operations making it
1:29 pm
more difficult for the regime to receive supplies. >> a tense situation developing in north korea. pyongyang announcing they will launch a long range rocket in a couple days. this will be their second launch attempt under their new leader. last april's attempt failed notably. it is considered a violation and >> a measure to keep terror suspects at guantanamo bay white rite where they are. it prevents the administration from transferring them to american soil. it's an amendment to a larger defense bill and it would still need house approval but the vote follows a report commissioned by democratic senator dianne feinstein. that concluded that transferring the detainees to the u.s. is a
1:30 pm
viable option that would include detainees like the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks. lindsay graham reminded his colleagues that are still determined to stroi destroy our way of life. >> simply stated, the american people don't want to close guantanamo bay which is an isolated military facility to bring these crazy bastards that wanted to kill us all to the united states. >> heather: california congressman ed royce is on the committee and chairman of terrorism subcommittee. should gitmo be closed? >> it should not be closed. i can give you a couple of examples. you know you see these reports that the people held in guantanamo, they say i was a former cook or a former truck driver. once they are released like
1:31 pm
abdul mamoud, you are dealing with a commander out in the field who is again firing on our infantry. he was subsequently killed with u.s. forces. some have ended up in yemen as deputy commanders trying to overthrow the government. our past experience is that whatever the government accountability office might tell us warning whatever the accountants might tell us about the safety with which we could transfer the individuals in the united states and hold them here these are, in fact, very well-trained, in many cases al-qaeda senior operatives who would like nothing more than a platform here in the united states in order to carry out their messaging.
1:32 pm
>> heather: so this question. there are currently 166 detainees at the facility. to further quote senator graham, they don't want to steal your car. they don't want to break into your home. do you believe as he has said, that leaders on capitol hill have forgotten what 9/11 was about? >> i think from the beginning of the obama administration has attempted to close guantanamo bay. as you remember they attempted with the prison in thompson, illinois to close guantanamo and move the detainees there. it ended up with opposition from the senate and the houses. this vote as you pointed out 50-41. they have released this government accountability report in order to build additional support for their effort to close guantanamo.
1:33 pm
people are saying these are not intelligence analysts that are releasing this report. the think the memory of 9/11 is still fresh enough. khalid shaikh mohammed and people like this who have been so explicit in terms of what they would like to do to the united states, i think those memories are still well enough understood by the american public that there is going to be continued opposition to the administration's attempts here, regardless of their efforts to build support in the senate. >> harris: i wanted to ask you about thompson, illinois. 2009 to retrofit to host military trials, house up to 100 terror suspects. at the time republicans objected
1:34 pm
saying a congressional vote would be required detainees not facing trial can be indefinitely held on u.s. soil. the issue came up in october. that is when the justice department, now the same prison for illinois for $165 million, attorney general eric holder, he said in a letter to lawmakers that the prison would not be used for guantanamo detainees. do you think it could in fact happen? >> that is what our attorney general eric holder is saying right now. in as much we had a vote this week in the senate. we had 54 senators on our side out of a hundred in this debate, clearly this an ongoing effort to try to change the lay of the land and the president, although not speaking of this issue during this campaign. he did in the past presidential election, now they are beginning
1:35 pm
again to start this effort, the administration is beginning this effort to try to close guantanamo. yes, we are apprehensive about their defines. when you request reports like this from the general accountability office, gao and begin to wave that around. here is the justification for closing guantanamo, it is not going to be dangerous to do so, again, it calls into question the long term motive here because i don't think the administration really fully comprehensive all what would be involved not just cost wise but giving that platform to those who are most focused on trying to destroy our system. so that is why we are so opposed to this.
1:36 pm
>> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> gregg: new concerns about the safety of diplomatic outposts overseas after a deadly terror attack in benghazi, libya. the topic playing in discussions during capitol hill during a series of meters and susan rice leading up to her possible nomination to be secretary of state. catherine herridge is reporting from washington. >> including the benghazi consulate a report in 2009 recommended physical barriers like this one. at a closed hearing before the senate committee, witnesses testified that those changes were never made in benghazi. >> it was really disconcerting and upsetting to see how easily the terrorists broke through the gates and basically just walked in. >> the committee's ranking republican also questions the
1:37 pm
striking similarities between the bombings in east africa which killed 12 americans. in 1998 susan rice was 33 years old. >> the ambassador to kenya sent repeated messages to the state department requesting a stronger facility because of the increased threat. those requests as in the case of benghazi were turned down by the state department. >> reporter: some analysts say it's beyond the benghazi controversy. as part of clinton administration, they turned down from the sudanese government to arrest o lad bad. >> she is unable to admit she was wrong. she had taken a position that led to escape of a man that ultimately killed 3,000 americans. >> rice my also face trouble
1:38 pm
from the left. not because of her diplomatic record but because of her financial one. a group that she and her husband are said to be worth $20 million. they also hone oen a stock that is trying to build the controversial keystone pipeline. they insinuated the report was the work of republican opposition groups. >> none of this has anything to do with the tragedy that occurred in benghazi. this is politics. that is shame. >> owning canadian stock is not a conflict but it could be a conflict if confirmed as secretary of state. they would need to sign off the pipeline project if it goes ahead. >> gregg: thanks. >> heather: closer look the real impact of the looming fiscal cliff. what means going over the edge
1:39 pm
means. >> is the world ignoring to the united states when it comes to the crisis in the middle east. why the latest developments could mean peace in the region is still a long way off. >> united states opposed the palestinian authority effort to have the u.n. general assembly to declare them to be an observer state but failed to prevent it which i think was a real defeat for the united states and israel. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. gives you a low $18.50 monthly plan premium... and select generic hypertension drugs available for only a penny... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. so you can focus on what really matters.
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>> heather: both republicans and democrats are digging in their heels when it comes to tax cuts and fiscal cliff. but if no compromise is reached and if the u.s. does over that fiscal cliff what it will mean for the average american taxpayer. senator orrin hatch says disaster. >> if we don't act by the end of year, 28 million more families
1:44 pm
will be forced to pay the minimum tax. 24 million will be hit with tax and average middle-class family would see their taxes go up by $2,000. >> heather: dominic is financial advisor and joins us. so you say this fiscal cliff, its fiscal nuclear bomb. what are some of the elements that concern you most? >> let's starts with this was something created by congress and signed into law by president obama. so this is not a tsunami that just came by accident, mother nature. this was created by our elected public officials. should it go off, it will be nothing short of a nuclear weapon, a fiscal nuclear weapon. we have not only the increasing of capital gains taxes and marginal tax rates but 26-28 million americans are going to be subject to the alternative
1:45 pm
minimum tax. that is potentially $3700 additional tax liability. we have the elimination of the 2% social security benefit and up to $55 billion on the social programs. $55 billion out of defense on and on. this will be nothing short of a nuclear catastrophe. >> heather: we keep hearing how this is going to affect the higher income people. according to the congressional budget office, all americans will be affected if the deal is not reached. not just in terms of revenue but job loss. >> the crb o, congressional budget office is estimate being would literally take out of 4% of g.d.p. so potentially 2 million jobs lost. you are talking about $400 billion in increase.
1:46 pm
all coming out of people's pocket. potential of $150 billion in cuts. we could be looking at a recession that could be worse than what happened in 2008. >> heather: so the main sticking point is extended temporary tax cuts that originated under george bush beyond the tax date or just with those under $250,000 that president obama and democrats want. what is the best way to compromise for americans across the board? >> first you have to understand, that is politics as usual. even if the republicans gave in on this, on this 2% of the population getting taxed at a higher rate that basically pays for the budget deficit for three days. we are living with a $16 trillion deficit. so the republicans are going to have to compromise. democrats, white house, they have to come to a mutual agreement where an increase in taxes, a decrease in the amount
1:47 pm
of benefits that people receive, we need a real major compromise. we hope to god they do that zbleeh. >> heather: will they do it or not do. >> heather: will they do it? >> they no compromise. 50% chance they come to compromise that kicks the football into next year where the new congress will run with it. and possibly, 20% chance that nothing at all happens. we do think they will come up with some kind of temporary solution getting us through december 31. >> heather: we'll see what happens. >> gregg: hottest guessing game in washington. who will fill the critical jobs in the next cabinet. >> and obama administration speaking out plans for israel building new settlements. what it means for the rocky road
1:48 pm
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>> gregg: israeli government announcing plans to build thousands of new homes in east jerusalem in the west bank. these are disputed areas captured by nirz the six-day war in 1967.
1:52 pm
the move coming on the heels of a successful win by palestinians to gain non-observer state status. christian white. good to see you. president obama lost on the settlements on israel and loses on recognition palestinians with the u.n. what does it say about his policies. are they not sound? >> they are not sound and also we're decreasingly relevant to this process. we have been ignored in the two instances and we're essentially ignored the week before last when an element of the palestinian leadership hamas decided to go to war. also ignored by the u.n. we are incidentally the largest benefactor to the united nations paying more than 25% of agencies and 20% of the general fund. they feel free to ignore us. it's a problem with the photo op
1:53 pm
foreign policy with few real accomplishments and it's becoming more apparent to people around the world. >> gregg: we also supply aid to the palestinians, humanitarian aid. should that be reconsidered most recent actions against israel? >> with any aid you have to ask what it is doing, what goal is it advancing? we keep harping on both parties but seemingly hard the other israelis that we need to come to some sort of negotiation, get to the table have an agreement, petition agreement. i think we need to step back and realize the political factors in place for an agreement. if you have gaza run by hamas, starting wars with israel whenever you turn your back it's not going to lead to an agreement. we should be focusing on money and state on changing those political factors rather than writing these checks left and right. >> gregg: how do we can changes those political factors and what is the possibility in the near or distant future there could be
1:54 pm
a reconciliation and on the other hand gaza the palestinians there controlled by what is essentially a terrorist group, hamas? >> some optimism. second term presidents turn to foreign affairs especially if they aren't going to get a lot done in congress. after we get this budget issue, i don't their president obama will. unfortunately, the factors in israel are going in the wrong direction. i think hamas lost in the war. they wanted to bring egypt in directly. they wanted to end the peace agreement between them. but they liked to reward the palestinians for the war they started the week before last. there seems to be getting farther and farther away from any reasonable agreement. >> gregg: do you worry that the most recent u.n. action will embolden them to yet again the palestinians to launch rocket
1:55 pm
attacks against innocent israeli civilians and they may try to harass israelis by filing charges at the battle is criminal courted? >> they tend to lead nowhere. but there is a problem that the instrument that we are funding that we founded the united nations is giving the palestinian government what was you know able to win on the battlefield. the bigger issue is not just palestinian politicians and terrorists field emboldened but the iranian regime feels emboldened and that really is the player here. it's iran that supports hezbollah to the north but also hamas supplying it with funds, with training, with weapons. we're not doing anything either in washington or new york to really push back on that. >> gregg: clinton has not been getting a lot of criticism. i wonder about that. she has talked so much how many miles she has logged in
1:56 pm
countries she has visited. is that state craft? >> it's exact opposite. its photo op foreign policy rather than deal with political factors on the ground which is really what state craft is all about. it's been very important people going to very important meetings around the world and this is not just true on israel-palestinian, it's on iran, it's climate change and all these other crisis. it's a lot of photo op stuff and no real changing of factors that affect u.s. interests. >> gregg: christian, good to see you. >> heather: coming up. new details emerging on an apparent murder-suicide involving an n.f.l. player. we will have a live report straight ahead. state with us. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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2:00 pm
>> heather: lawmakers can reach a deal one month until the economy is set to go off the fiscal cliff. trading fire over looming tax hikes and spending cuts that threaten to plunge the economy into recession. affecting the lives of every single american. hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to another hour of america's headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg gregg
2:01 pm
jarrett. president obama is promoting his so-called balanced approach. republican leaders say the president's plan leaves the budget talks at a stand still. >> we've got some agreements about the high end tax cuts. republicans don't want to raise taxes on folks like me. i think i can pay a little bit more. >> they want to have this extra spending that's actually greater than the amount they're willing to cut. i mean, it was not a serious proposal. so right now we're almost nowhere. >> gregg: steve centanni has more. >> the two sides taking verbal pot shots, but not really coming to any kind of agreement adds the clock continues ticking. the president hit the road yesterday using a campaign style appearance in pennsylvania to appeal directly to the american people. at a toy factory, he pushed for immediate action to extend the bush era tax cuts for everybody except the more wealthy
2:02 pm
americans. >> right now congress can pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. everybody. that means 98% much americans and small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up at all. even the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income. >> republicans led by john boehner said the president should quit campaigning and take care of business here at home. some republicans suggest the president's playing a dangerous game of political bringsmanship. >> i do think that the democrats and the president view it to their advantage to run the clock out and try to build pressure, gain leverage, getting closer and closer to the deadline, but at some point if there is going to be a breakthrough, it's got to happen at a fairly short manner. takes a while to get proposals scored by the congressional budget office, to get legislation drafted. if we were going to act on something before the end of the
2:03 pm
year. >> the latest round of political maneuvering involves pressure from democrats to schedule a house vote on that tax cut plan to the middle class which has already been approved by the senate. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: steve live in washington. thank you. a little more context on the spike in our national debt over the fast 12 years. january of 2001, president george w. bush taking office. our national debt stood at $5.7 trillion. by the time he left eight years later, january of 2009, the debt was over 10.6 trillion. as of this week, our debt is $16.3 trillion. a must see fox news sunday tomorrow, we'll have exclusive interview with republican speaker of the house, john boehner, as well as interview with treasury secretary tim geithner who is the president's lead negotiator in the fiscal cliff talks. all tomorrow on fox news sunday, check your local listings for the time and channel in your
2:04 pm
area. >> heather: wicked weather out west pounding parts of northern california for a second day in a row. the rain soaked area bracing for more stormy weather today. new warnings of potential mudslides and flash floods after yesterday's system washed out streets, brought down power lines, knocking out electricity to thousands. dominic is live for us with the latest. dominic? >> hi there. worst yet to come. this third storm coming through overnight tonight. no one really sure quite should have water it's going to drench the region with. we had two major storms come through that dumped so much, that we've seen flooding everywhere. first person reports coming in of probably being damaged, particularly down in fulsome where a park became flooded and the water gushed through people's homes. here is one of the residents
2:05 pm
affected by that. listen to what he saw. >> i don't have carpet. >> it clogged up the drain of the we had an unbelievable amount of rain coming down. >> it was unbelievably heavy in certain parts. it was so heavy that a utility driver crashed his truck into a traffic signal and was killed in that incident. no details about who exactly the worker was. it seems to be material damage to person's property. but causing a lot of trees knocked over. it wasn't just heavy rain, it was high winds as well. here is a resident in sausalito who saw a tree collapse on his car. listen to what he actually saw happen. >> we heard this sound like thunder and a flash of light which must have been the transformer. we thought it was thunder and lightning. the tree landed within a few
2:06 pm
yards of our bedroom. pretty scary. >> yeah. close calls in many, many stores like that. the national weather service now putting flood warnings for the napa river and stretches of the river near saint helena and napa city itself where they're expecting the river to rise above the 16-foot safety mark. they're not too sure how high that will go. it depends on how heavy the downpour is overnight. the expected damage in that area and throughout the whole northern california region. the whole bay area remains on flood alert. of course, it's not just sunday where a lot of these warnings have been placed. also through monday as the water finally comes down from the mountains into the hills and goes through the city areas and down to the coast. so the fallout from this will last well on into the week. back to you, heather. >> heather: dominic reporting from california. thank you. for more on the wild weather creating a mess out west, on the
2:07 pm
phone is tina walker, the chief public information officer with california's emergency management agency. are threw? >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> heather: thank you very much for joining us, first of all. and what is the main problem that you're facing right now? >> the california emergency management agency is monitor willing the entire situation. some of the concerns as mentioned in some of your other coverage is potential for flooding in a lot of our rivers and creeks and also the wind damage that can happen. the biggest downpour we're preparing for tomorrow and we've got a close eye on the burn areas from the wild fires that hit northern california earlier this year. >> heather: when you say you're preparing for that third storm that will be rolling in overnight tonight into tomorrow, what preparations are you making? >> what we do here at the california emergency management agency is we work closely with the operational areas or the counties. we have regular conference calls with them and the national weather service and to assess
2:08 pm
needs and to anticipate any needs that the local areas may need assistance with in responding to the impacts of the weather. as they're working toward urban flooding that, kind of thing, if it extends their capability to protect lives and property, then they ask the california emergency management agency to coordinate state resources. currently those requests have been very minimal. there are no current unmet needs and, for example, we sent some sandbagging crews and closed requests for assistance for similar services in another county yesterday. >> heather: what about shelters? i know there are an extensive amount of power outages. do you have any numbers on power out annual, restoration numbers and information on shelters? >> there has been intermittent power outages and sheltering information would be available at the local level. there has been no information coming up to coordinate with some of our private-public
2:09 pm
partnerships to coordinate sheltering at this point. things seem to be stable, but again, we've got the biggest part of the storm coming tomorrow and another system coming in early next week, which will keep us busy through next week for sure. >> all right. tina walker, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> heather: good luck out there. >> gregg: night has fallen in egypt as thousands filled the streets of cairo demonstrating. they're supporting mohammed morsi. screen right, earlier today, tahrir square, thousands voicing their opposition to morsi's move to greatly expand his personal powers. and in the port city of alexandria, the president supporters taking to the streets for a rally organized by the muslim brotherhood, clashing with opponents there. steve harrigan is streaming live
2:10 pm
from cairo. what's the latest? >> both sides really trying to get their supporters out on the streets to show the level of public support, both pro and anti-morsi groups have. the anti-morsi protesters really come up short today, 25,000 at their peak behind me in that rear square. two miles away, perrot-government protesters numbering about 200,000, just here in cairo alone. but also in other cities in egypt as well. many of these egyptians from the rural areas bussed in, many carrying korans as well, shouting god is the law. so a real strong show of force for morsi supporters. morsi is also announced this constitution that will go to a he referendum. this draft constitution he pushed through in one night will be voted on in two weeks, on december 15. morsi vowed once that constitution is in place, the extreme powers he gave himself last week, which really kicked off the demonstrations here,
2:11 pm
will be void. it's not clear that's going to be enough for the protesters out behind me. many of them say they intend to stay in that square trying to drive the morsi government from power entirely, gregg. >> gregg: steve harrigan streaming live from cairo. thank you. >> heather: major developments in syria right now. we are getting reports of government jets bombing rebel-held areas in the capital city of damascus. as opposition forces say that they could accept an international peace keeping force if president assad steps aside. meanwhile, a u.s.-based monitor confirms the country's two-day internet blackout is now over. conner powell is live for us in the region with the very latest. conner? >> heather, the internet is now on in damascus, but appears much of the rest of syria is still without internet and other mobile phone connection. the assad government blamed that disconnection on terrorists, but outside monitoring groups say
2:12 pm
no, in fact it's the assad regime that cut the connection. the question is why would they do that? we've seen more and more fighting getting closer and closer to damascus. particularly into the areas where the government is the strongest, like around the airport, which has been open and planes have been coming and going since the start of this war nearly two years ago. in the last two days, fighting has gotten particularly heavy and flights have been canceled out of the international airport. the rebels at one point claimed to have held the road going to the airport. the assad government says they now have that road, but there is still reports of heavy fighting leading to the airport and the airport still has closed because of the fighting in the area. so it looks more and more like the rebels are pushing in on government-controlled areas and moving closer and closer to damascus and that may be one big reason why the assad regime cut the internet and cut the mobile phone connections trying to slow their progress, that hamper any
2:13 pm
movement they have in the area. all this is coming as the u.n. is warning of a growing humanitarian crisis, they say. in addition to the 40,000 syrians that have already died, 700,000 syrians have been displaced and that number could get higher and grow much, much larger this winter as it gets colder and colder, heather. >> heather: conner powell reporting live for us from the region. thank you very much. >> gregg: getting new reaction to a terrible tragedy in missouri. what police are now saying about a reported murder-suicide involving a professional football player. the latest in a live report. >> heather: new questions surrounding u.n. ambassador susan rice and her possible nomination to become the next secretary of state. judge jeanine pirro weighs in. >> gregg: and with exactly one month to go until the u.s. is set to go over that dreaded fiscal cliff, republican leaders urging the president so take a serious look at entitlements. will it work?
2:14 pm
we've got a fair and balanced debate next. >> the president wants to realize that he wasn't elected president of the hard left of the democratic party. he was elected president of the united states. he's the steward of the nation's finances.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. funeral services for hector macho camacho. he was shot in puerto rico late last month and died after being taken off life support. police say that they have identified several shooting suspects, but have not arrested anyone. haz-mat teams cleaning up thousands much gallons of chemicals spilled when a feet train derailed yesterday in new jersey. several cars tumbled into a creek and spewed hazardous gas into the air. dozens of people have reportedly gotten sick from the fumes. mexico sharing in its new president amid protests, taking the oath of office, bringing the institutional revolutionary ruling party back to power after a 12-year hiatus. >> gregg: leading al-qaeda terror suspect in yemen now in police custody. government spokesman saying the suspect is one of the country's most wanted fugitives and one of the most deadly leaders in the
2:19 pm
terror network responsible for a number of terrorist attacks. washington considers the branch the most dangerous offshoot. >> heather: in florida, two brothers, ages 20 and 30, are under arrest charged with plotting to provide support to terrorists and to use weapons of mass destruction within the united states. the two men are of pakinstani descent, but they are naturalized u.s. citizens. federal prosecutors say that the brothers provided cash and support for conspiracy to obtain some sort of explosives. no specific targets were revealed and details of the suspected plot have not been released. >> gregg: getting new details in the reported murder-suicide involving the professional football player in kansas city. police there reporting that the chiefs linebacker, joe van belcher, shot his 22-year-old girlfriend dead, drove to arrowhead stadium and shot
2:20 pm
himself in front of his coach and general manager. elizabeth prann is live in atlanta with more. elizabeth? >> gregg, he reportedly thanked his general manager and coach for all they had done for him before he reportedly turned the gun and killed himself right outside the training facility near arrowhead stadium. about an hour before happened, police say belcher shot his girlfriend, the mother of their child, repeatedly at a home just miles from the stadium. the police have not released the identity of his girlfriend, nor have they confirmed that the woman's mother and the couple's child were home at the time of the shooting. the second shooting caused the whole chiefs facility to go on lockdown and the community is digesting what happened. here is the city mayor. >> i'm here, you're here. we're all here because a young man in a high profile position, for whatever reason, felt that the end of the world had come and he had to act in the way
2:21 pm
that he did. god bless his soul and his mom and his child. >> belcher has no history of any controversy, whether it be personal or with the team. in fact, we did get a statement from the team and in part it reads, we sincerely appreciate the expressions of sympathy and support we have received from so many in the kansas city and nfl communities. and ask for continued prayers for the loved ones of those impacted. after the lockdown, the team did hold a meeting. they will be playing the carolina pap they ares at home tomorrow. kickoff at 1:00 o'clock. >> gregg: sad, sad story. thanks very much, elizabeth prann. >> heather: coming up, victims of super storm sandy lashing out at the feds. we will hear from one staten island couple who have taken their anger all the way to the president. >> gregg: plus, how a group of volunteers are helping kids cope with the disaster. >> i told him about fema giving
2:22 pm
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2:26 pm
>> gregg: ager and frustration is growing against fema day by day. more than a month after super storm sandy ravaged homes in new york, hundreds of people are absolutely fed up. they packed this meeting in staten island on thursday, angrily demanding answers as to why fema has not delivered the help they promised. one couple attending that meeting, scott even confronted president obama when he toured devastation. when they appeared this morning on "fox & friends." >> i got to talk to him and i said to him, president obama, you said, you know, you were going to cut the red tape. you lied. and he says what, do you mean? i said, you lied.
2:27 pm
you said you were going to cut red tape. it hasn't been cut for the middle class. i told him about fema giving us the run around. i told him about bank of america that doesn't want to hold -- they want to us keep paying our mortgage. >> what did he say? >> he says, well, there is not much he can too with the banks, but he can do with fema. fema works for him. so then he gave me two of his aides. >> alternately what happened? >> we're still in the same position. >> are you at your house right now? >> we are back in the house with no electric, no gas, no water. >> how are you surviving? >> my neighbor was nice enough to lend us a generator, so we run electric heat at night. >> they're not doing it here. a lot of the people that lost their homes would live in the trailers. they clap. they applaud when we ask that question. so survey must say that
2:28 pm
everybody would do it. nobody wants to be in a shelter. the holidays are coming up. people would rather be somewhere that they know they can go to every night. >> gregg: folks have learned to lean on one another. there is a traveling camp that is offering a fun and games for a lot of kids out there who are still living in shelters with their family. anna kooiman has the details. >> hello to you. although fema still has 36 disaster recovery centers set up in new york, 32 in new jersey, and eight in connecticut, many parents in the area are just at wit's end trying to make life normal for their kids as they live in shelters. that's what camp tlc is doing, together living with a challenge. they've just wrapped up their third week of camp sandy and they've had a lot of fun. it was carnival day. as parents are leaving with their children, they're allowed to stop by here, this distribution center and pick up nonperrishables and other necessities. earlier this morning, about 10:00 o'clock, a bus driver
2:29 pm
picked up about 30 kids and many of their parents as well from a shelter here in staten island and took them to gateway academy. kids from ages four to 16 share their stories, do sing alongs, arts and crafts, and burn off their energy. parents can either participate in camp activities or run errands, talk to insurance companies and find more permanent places for their kids to sleep at night. >> short-term, i think it's giving parents respite, letting parents know they can rebuild their lives and their kids are in good hands. i think long-term, it's teaching kids that there is hope and you can rebuild yourself from the inside out and strength. these kids have got a lot of courage and a -- they're heros to the form. what they've been through, i could never go through, especially this time of year. >> yeah, this time, this holiday season. evacuees are participate not guilty camp sandy and they say this time of -- kind of entertainment and fellowship is a much needed break from cramped shelter living. >> it's fun! >> it's fun!
2:30 pm
>> they talk about what they did, you know, they're happy. you could see them in their eyes, you know. and they want would come back and do it over and over. >> camp tlc has served about 500 kids across the country over the last two years and their dream is to expand and get bigger and bigger. they plan to stay here in staten island and serve these children just as long as they have funding, as long as kids and families are still in shelters. if you would like more information or donate at home, web site, back to you. >> gregg: anna kooiman, thank you very much. >> heather: people are trying to stick it out in their damaged homes are facing a number of health hazards. new york city officials believe that there are at least 12,000 people living in homes with no heat. doctors say that the elderly and chronically ill are at significantly higher risk the longer they live without heat. there are growing concerns over mold and renovation dust that can cause asthma and make
2:31 pm
allergies even worse. gregg? >> gregg: as president obama and top republicans wrangle over the looming fiscal cliff with one month to go, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is offering a new clarity on his party's position, calling for high be medicare premiums for the wealthy, increased medicare eligibility age and a smaller cost of living adjustment in social security. in exchange, he says republicans could agree to more tax revenue, but not through higher tax rates. will both sides be able to work this thing out? let's bring in our panel, donna is an advisor to pennsylvania senator bob kerry and a former staffer for pennsylvania governor ed rendell. ron is a former communications director to the house speaker, dennis hastert. good to see you both. >> good to sigh. >> gregg: donna, let's start with what the president was offering a. even democrats are criticizing him for demanding 150 billion in
2:32 pm
more spending. not less, including a $50 billion stimulus this next year. at a time when the focus perhaps should be on spending cuts, are those democrats right? >> well, i'm hearing many more democrats resonating with the message that the president is delivering and that message is that he ran on and got elected on the basis of more taxes for the most wealthy americans. i think that there is a real danger for republicans in not really hearing that message. i've been impressed by the number of republicans that have made positive indications that more revenue could be forth coming, even in the form of tax increases on the most wealthy americans. and i think that there is a little bit of danger i think for the republican party as they redefine themselves as the party itself has said that it must do if it will be a viable party in the future.
2:33 pm
so i'm less concerned about the resonance of the democrats and more concerned about the dissonance within the republican party. >> gregg: there were republicans who warned speaker boehner not to offer a sort of preemptive concession of increased tax revenue because they said the president was unreliable in negotiating. did the president's offer prove those critics correct? >> well, the president's offer certainly is throwing the kitchen sink on democratic priorities of what they want to see. obviously they want to see increased taxes, but what's interesting is they're not focusing on entitlement reform. and we keep hearing the democrats talk about, you know, increasing the marginal tax rates and it feels like, to me, a bait and switch. that they said they're in for a reasonable negotiation, but we have millions of people who rely on medicare, medicaid, social security and the programs are exploding and we have to do something about it or rein in the spending.
2:34 pm
they keep focusing on one thing, marginal tax rate. >> gregg: donna, what about that? here is the offer from mitch mcconnell. they'll accept the republicans, these new tax revenues from high income earners, which is what the president wants, if the white house will consents to some entitlement changes like increased eligibility age for medicare and the higher premiums for the wealthy. the president always wants the wealthy to pay their fair share. so would democrats agree to that? >> well, i think the thing that's troubling most democrats and probably troubling the president is that the signaling from the republican leadership, at least on the senate side, has not been clear. and it sounded as though even though there was a commitment to more revenue, it was not clear that the revenue would come in the form -- >> gregg: they're going to stick it to the wealthy in two ways, republicans are willing to do this. make them pay higher tax by closing loophole, make them pay higher premiums for medicare. i would think democrats, donna,
2:35 pm
would be jumping at that. >> i think that democrats really want to be participating actively in a resolution. i'm sure that the president feels that way. and i do think that i laughed a little earlier when i heard the bait and switch comment because i think that's what's being felt on the other side of the aisle. many republicans said, we're ready to do. we're ready to work this out. and we don't think that -- >> gregg: it's hard to work it out with the president when he goes off and gives campaign speeches and leaves town instead of rolling up his sleeves. ron, is it a mistake for republicans to say, hey, we're going to agree to closing loopholes for the wealthy, but not increasing tax rates? i mean, it has the same net effect on the wealthy, it's a distinction without a difference, isn't it? they're going to pay more in taxes either way, an increase is an increase, so why are republicans protecting the rates? >> okay. so republicans are very
2:36 pm
concerned about preserving economic growth for all this. they have offered a balanced approach, as you said, in termsd entitlement reform and spending cuts. >> gregg: it affects the same people in the exact same amount. so why bicker over rates versus loopholes? >> increasing the rates would impact economic growth -- >> gregg: no, it affects the very same people, the wealthy. now that may affect the economy, but either way, it will affect the same people n if it affects the economy, it facts everyone. and those people are small businesses. those people then it goes down to the employees and it slows our economy and this is not a time to be doing that. this is why president obama extend the tax rates for a year action because he said this could hurt the economy. here we are again. we're not anywhere different than we were last year really. >> gregg: donna, dick durbin, the senate's number two democrat, said that social security is off the table because i'm going to quote him here -- it does not add a penny
2:37 pm
to our deficit. that's ludicrus. >> i think that i'm unable to comment because i think the context may have something to do with the sense of lock box and where this money actually comes from and where it sits in the meanwhile before it gets spent. but i also think it's awfully important to remember that in terms of republican cooperation, the president really has been i think very sincere about seeking that cooperation and initially speaker boehner i think expressed with great sincerity his interest in cooperation. i dare say that there has been a lot of biplay among both the senators and the house members on what that cooperation is going to look like. but i do think it's awfully important that we not come out of this process and mitt romney is paying the same rate of taxes that he paid before this process
2:38 pm
began. >> gregg: i got to leave it that, i'm out of time. thank you both. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, new controversy over the potential appointment of u.n. ambassador susan rice to be the next secretary of state. several republican lawmakers are raising red flags asking why ambassador rice wrongly insisted the deadly attack in benghazi, libya was because of opposition to an anti-muslim film. now a form attorney general, delving deeper into the ambassador's record. we'll speak with general judge jeanine pirro. >> what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes!
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>> heather: welcome back. we are learning more about a deadly bus crash at miami international airport. officials say the bus was carrying a church group with more than 30 people on board, traveling to west palm beach. two people were killed. president george h.w. bush staying in the hospital a little bit longer. doctors say they had planned to discharge mr. bush this weekend. but they're going to play it safe as he recovers from bronchitis. and in wyoming, police say a man involved in a horrific attack in a community college and at another location used a bow and arrow in one of the killings and was the son of one of the victims. three people were killed, including the attacker. gregg? >> gregg: some new fallout over u.n. ambassador susan rice and her possible nomination to be the next secretary of state. ambassador rice's meetings with several republican lawmakers this week did little to ease their concerns. they continue to ask why she inaccurately blamed the deadly
2:44 pm
ambush in benghazi, like i can't, on a violent protest over a anti-muslim film. now new questions with ambassador rice's record on iran, israel, human rights, being raised in an op ed co-written by michael mukasey in the "wall street journal" and he will be the guest on "justice" with judge jeanine. she joins me now. good to see you. he's interesting because he's not only terribly bright, he's a very smart guy, and in addition to being an attorney general, he was a federal judge who presided over some of the terror trials that occurred in downtown new york. so he pens this op ed and he says, look, a lot of people who become secretary of state say dumb foolish things. doesn't mean they're not qualified. his objection to rice seems to be that she may not be morally fit. >> yeah. pretty amazing for, as you say, someone as well respected as michael mukasey. here is a guy who had to go through senate confirmation himself several times to be
2:45 pm
attorney general, to be a federal judge. this is a guy not known for getting involved in political scrape-ups and he's not a kind of guy who is known for anything other than this very zen-like approach to problems and he comes out punching and says, wait a minute. there is so much about this woman and her history and her lack of history in the first term at the u.n., which makes us question not only her impact as an ambassador, but her moral fitness to go on television five times when everyone in the white house, the pentagon knew that was just a bill of goods. >> gregg: i read that he said his moral fitness argument distilled down to its essence is this: she knew the video story line was questionable, and yet she was parroting these talking points. if you're a strong moral character, you say, wait a minute. i know there is something wrong with this. >> gregg, here is the issue: why wasn't hillary clinton out there? why weren't the few other people above susan rice there?
2:46 pm
was this kind of an opportunity for her to show her allegiance to the president so that when hillary left she could be secretary of state? by the way, she had access to all those presidential briefings. >> gregg: the classified information, she had access to? >> absolutely. she dug her heels in and said no, it's a spontaneous video. i want to know who told you that? not just who took out al-qaeda and terrorist that you knew about, but going back to mukasey, he says, wait a minute. she's saying and the president is saying she did an outstanding job at the u.n. really? do you know what's going on at the u.n., at the human rights council, a women's rights council, that iran just got on? 40,000 have been killed in syria and we've got these problems with israel where she absented herself when netanyahu was there two months ago. >> gregg: it's interesting, she makes this hill grimmage to capitol hill to meet with senators who may or may not vote on her senate confirmation to be secretary of state, even though she hasn't been nominated.
2:47 pm
usually when you make the minimum grimmage up there and you have the c.i.a. director with you, everybody sort of turns the other cheek. oh, she probably would be okay. just the opposite! >> they came out and they said, you know what? we had concerns before. now we have more concerns. we now say to her, what happened in '98 with the u.s. embassy bombings and tanzania? she said, i wasn't prepared for that question. i don't remember. you're kidding? 4,000 people injured, americans killed, 257 people killed and the same erie situation ambassadors ask for more protection? you don't remember? it's about a moral com pass, gregg. tonight i can't wait to hear from mukasey and why he is so strong about this issue. >> gregg: all right. you can catch it tonight on "justice" with judge jeanine, the p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. look forward to saying. good to see you. >> good to see you. update on a story we've been telling about. louisiana governor bobby jindal speaking out after a district
2:48 pm
judge shot down the state's sweeping school voucher program, ruling that state could not use funds set aside for public education to pay for private school tuition for thousands of low and middle income children. governor jindal calling the ruling, quote, wrong headed. he vows to appeal. >> heather: coming up, a new study linking a specific food that you may eat to an increased risk for diabetes. the results of this new research and what it means for your diet, up next with dr. siegle. [ male announcer ] more than a security system,
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>> heather: a study linking high fructose corn syrup with an increase of diabetes. the sweetener is commonly used in many popular food and drinks and it could be accelerating a global epidemic of the disease. dr. mark siegle is a member of the fox news medical a team and professor of medicine at nyu medical center here in new york city. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you. >> heather: so how disturbing is this study to you? >> let's start from this, sugar is bad. sue crows, our common sugar, has both glucose and fructose in it. we've been worried for a long
2:53 pm
time that the fructose could be worse because it tastes so good t. looks better. if you use it in bake products t gives you the nice brown glow when you're baking something. everyone thinks it's addictive. the question here being raised in global affairs is -- by the way, this study was done in the united states and california and oxford. so in england, so it reached across and looked at a cross section of different societies. looked at countries around the world, 43 countries. 20% increase in diabetes in countries that were very high in high fructose corn syrup. some countries don't use that at all. other countries like the united states, it's huge. we use it in sodapop, practically everything. the concern here, is that the reason we have such a high rate of diabetes? >> heather: how can they attribute that solely to the increased use of fructose? >> that's the million dollars question, 'cause critics are saying, wait a minute. you didn't prove anything. malaysia has a higher rate of diabetes than the united states
2:54 pm
and doesn't use the stuff at all. i'm glad we're bringing this up because the question is, are these chemicals me tabbized differently? what does your body do when it sees fructose? does it use the same amount of insulin? there is some evidence it causes more fat to produce in the liver. one thing is sure, it's not healthy. sugar is not healthy an is not . i have gone on tv saying many times people should have less calories, period. that's how you lose weight. you exercise more. we're having a diabetes epidemic. i'm not going to come on the show and say this is good. >> heather: what's the connection between the two? >> the connection between the two is that it's possible that fructose is even worse than regular sugar that, it gets past the usual insulin coming totterer's do you want up slip comes to the rescue and tries to get the sugar into the cells before it poisons you and causes metabolic syndrome. fructose may be harder for to us handle than regular sugar. both are bad for us. so i don't want people out there to say, oh, dr. siegle says get
2:55 pm
away from the fructose, let's go back to the sugar. i'm not saying that. here is what i'm saying to do, fructose, when combined in fiber, like fruit, is really good for you. >> heather: but when in the soda? >> it's really bad for you. so stop the soda and start eating the fruit. eat the berries and the apples and the pears. that's what you want to do. that's where you want to see your fructose. not in the artificial sweetener or the additives. that's not where you want to see it. that's what i'm concerned about. so i see this study as an eye other than. i don't see it as proof. it's one of these population studies we're always talking about here. proof would be to give heather fructose and give siegle nonfructose and see which of us had more of a sugar problem. i guarantee you, it would be me, by the way. >> heather: i try to stay away from sugar that. is one thing that i do try to stick to. no sugar of any kind. >> that's what i think. fruit is fine. fruit and fiber is fine. exercise, cut down on the amount of calories.
2:56 pm
you know, we tend to eat a lot more of this than we need. 100 to 150-milligrams of sugar more than we need. >> heather: what is the recommended total? >> we take 55 pounds per person of fructose in the united states a year! that's enormous. all of us are having way too much sugar. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it. for more on this and all the stories that dr. siegle is covering, watch him on sunday house call at 10:30 a.m. eastern time and now find the show on facebook. >> gregg: wait a minute, you mean to say that all the fruit flavored jelly beans that i eat all the time, they're fruit flavored. >> heather: they're not really fruit. >> bad! bad! >> gregg: you guys are a kill just a moment that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. see you tomorrow. bye-bye you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card.
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